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I have worked with him several times over the years, learning about the sample-collecting end of this process, and enjoying the thorough and nuanced histories that Chris puts together to synthesize his research with recorded history.

However, given the form of the building and the level of decoration to the framing, it is perhaps more likely to have been a domestic site rather than an agricultural one.

The Olde Boar’s Head presently comprises what may originally have been a cross-wing to its north end, bay 1 (see Fig 2), with a broad gable eastwards to the street, constructed of main posts, studs, and cross-rails forming rectangular panel framing.

Students are then challenged to apply their understanding to establish the year when a piece of lumber was cut and estimate the climate of a particular year in the distant past.

Kit includes Teacher’s guide (1), student worksheets and guides (30), simulated tree cores marked A (15), simulated tree cores marked X (15).

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