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The calculated control Balance is the Amount due - Amount paid - Amount Writeoff. Is there an event, or method to use to get a continuous form to update when I leave a subform? John Brain I have my subforms in the Form Footer section.

When Balance = 0, I want to automaticly change "Paid in Full" to a Y (true), and Change the Rebill code to a "P". Using the code you provide does update all calculated fields.

I am unable to find a code snippet or a clear example on how to do this.

I'm a little confused as to why when a subform is added it does not prompt you for a parent or a one-to-many-relational key to the parent form.- The same functionality or custom SQL query should also be available in the pivot report.

Dynamically populating a subform based on a lookup selection is not supported at this time, however you could open the edit record URL of the parent form in the lookup field's on User Input action so all subform records will be selected and available for editing.

An HTML View could be used to fetch and output records in whatever layout you require.

The value for Amount paid comes from one subform and is a sum of the all payments on the subform. click in the writeoff subform (datasheet view) to add a record with an amount (the amount will be the current balance) 3 after the amount is entered, click on the master form, the next record. The first record shows a balance of 0, but does not update the Paid in Full or Rebill Code. Click back on the first record and the fields will update correctly.

The value for Amount Writeoff comes from the other subform and it too is a sum of all writeoff amounts. I've even tryed setting up temporay fields that are calculated so that the user would immediately see what "Should" be displayed, but those updates are not happening be hind the scenes.

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The idea is to have the embedded childform (containing 4 to 5 fields) dynamically update after a selection was made on the parent form.the sub form needs to have a field that holds the zoho ID number of the parent.Then upon edit success you fetch the sub-form records where the sub-form field that holds the parent ID matches the parent ID.Currently I am unable to craft an inner join for a report that will require said parent and child form (view) information.Hi, The relation between the Subform and its parent form is implicit and does not need to be defined on a particular field.

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