Unsolicited text from dating sites

Even worse, they might give your email address to someone else who’ll start sending you email.(For the record, I do not.) And some or all of that might look like spam, including porn spam.Whatever you provide is either used to steal your identity or sold to third parties who'll send you yet more spam texts.

The company, which monitors online phone spam complaints in order to identify and analyze new and popular scams, found in early August an emerging scam involving Tinder.

There is, however, one phenomenon online that is so strictly and so heavily gendered that it is a source of much bafflement to many.

I am referring, of course, to random spam messages on dating sites.

Spam in text messages may try to guide you to shady websites that will install "malware" on your phone to vacuum up all the personal data stored in it.

Or the messages may urge you to dial a phone number where your personal and financial information is solicited.

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    It also records clipboard data, passwords typed, documents opened, windows opened and applications executed.

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