Updating my g1

I got a G1 as part of a trade deal and looking for some help. I'm having trouble updating it from it's current FW to the latest posted on the Unication site which is RVV0114EN.

Here's the info on my pager: Current FW Version: AVV0224EN Codeplug Version: V014713 PPS Version: R - R02 I tried using the update utility that's posted on the Hoffman Radio Network site and it stops and the I get the error: Error 50 Version Not Match .

After his conversion to Power Core Combination technology, he took the code name Combatmaster.

This darker, more brutish side of Onslaught might lead some Decepticons into thinking he has a secret blood-lust stashed away in his circuits.

We outline the various scenarios you can encounter below to help figure out what you need to do.

First, when your license is due for renewal you will receive a notification in the mail around 90 days before the expiration date.

He doesn't enjoy getting his mitts dirty, but instead prefers the thrill of designing battle plans, strategies, and tactics, and then watching his Combaticon soldiers carry them out.

While he typically crafts his strategies to exclude his direct involvement, Onslaught is no coward.

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