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Sex Positive Club (Formerly Sexual Assault Prevention Advocates)Our Mission: Western Sex Positive is a student led and faculty/staff advised group working to reduce sexual assault at Western, provide support to sexual assault victims, provide safe and positive sex messages to students and encourage dialogue on campus around responsible sexual relationships.All members of The SWEET Life complete a rigorous training and certification process which allows them to engage with fellow students as Nationally Certified Peer Educators.We have highlighted a few of these professional development experiences in this newsletter, and I would like to mention a few below.

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The association was created in 2014 to increase the produce industry’s influence at the State Capitol in Denver.On behalf of the Personal Financial Planning, PFP, faculty, I am pleased to share our spring newsletter.An objective we have in the PFP program is to provide our students with professional development experiences.The group now has about 200 members, 80 or 90 of whom are growers, Sakata said.The rest are drawn from retail, container and other allied industries.

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