Best friends and dating quotes

Sitting near the end of a parade once, my family was thrilled to see President Ezra Taft Benson step out of a car that had just completed the parade route.We watched as President Benson slowly made his way around to open the car’s other door.Taking his wife, Flora, by the hand, he assisted her out, and they walked arm in arm to a seat in the viewing stand.We were all inspired by their obvious love for each other. The Bensons’ courtship stretched over seven years, more than four of which they spent apart, writing letters.

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Soon Pamela was expecting their first child and quit her job due to poor health, which meant that Scott had to drop out of college and look for a full-time job.

Believe it: a true friend is way more valuable than a boyfriend.

The same is true when you're 20 as when you're 80.

In case you need a reminder, I've listed 20 reasons a BFF is more important than a BF, after the jump!

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