Jewish dating newsletter

Much emphasis has been placed on religious difference and intolerance as the source of the trouble.

Fourteen years ago, Jack Ploscowe was single and searching for other singles who might be stumbling, as he was, around the community.

With the break-up of the Soviet Union and the troubles prevalent in the Balkans there has been much renewed interest in the early history of Eastern Europe.

Troubles have fuelled nationalist tendencies in the region and there has been much talk of an Orthodox-Catholic (East-West) Christian and Islamic divide, which has a well- documented history and which historians are retracing.

You are part of a growing number of midlifers who, because of divorce or death, find themselves back in the singles scene.

Too old for Club Med and too young for the brown-bag bus trip, singles of a certain age have long fallen into a social black hole. In addition to well-established organizations with long histories of bringing people together, new groups are cropping up everywhere aiming to help mature singles regain a social life, expand intellectual horizons and enhance their sense of self.

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