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The premise of The Flight From Intimacy is that counterdependency is a set of behaviors that more » The False Self is an artificial persona that people create very early in life to protect themselves from re-experiencing developmental trauma, shock and stress in close relationships.

This False or “public” Self appears polite and well-mannered, and puts on a “show of being real.” Internally, they feel empty, dead or “phoney,” unable to be spontaneous more » The search for intimacy has reached new heights as more than 40 million lonely Americans used online dating services last year. A companion to the book of the same name describes how the authors discovered counter-dependency and provides concrete examples of how to change your counter-dependent behaviors. (more…) In this 50 minute interview with Barry and Janae, they talk about their book, Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way.

Her program airs in several markets across the country. You can read his article, originally posted on Next Avenue, here. Danoff appeared yet again on the nationally televised TV show “The Doctors,” to talk about important tips for men getting prostate exams.

You can read his full post, “Men’s Sexual Health Tips for 2017: What Should Men Do for Their Sexual Health in the New Year? You can read his full post, “Men: Resolve to Make Better Health A Priority in the New Year,” here. Danoff was interviewed for an article in about sex and sex selection, and which urban legends have been thoroughly debunked. Danoff wrote an article for Yoga Digest about stress and its effect on sexual health. Michelle” is available as a podcast, which can be downloaded through her website as well as through i Tunes. Danoff was a guest on the Our Better Half podcast, with host Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh.

These avoidance behaviors are specifically designed to block past memories and emotions from emerging in their present-time relationships. She is an award winning media producer/host, media coach, speaker and author who interviews nationally acclaimed experts and authors in the areas of self-help, personal growth and inspiration.

(more…) Our Flight From Intimacy book about counter-dependency is the main topic of an interview on Strategies for Living, a daily radio/podcast program, hosted by Family Therapist David Mc Millian.

1994 - Present Collaborating International Partner with ROZRADA, a sister NGO in Kiev, Ukraine.

The clinical wisdom imparted by a trained marriage and family therapist, who herself is the daughter of a narcissistic mother, comes across with such richness and authenticity that this book should be on every family therapist’s shelf.

Practical, insightful and full of compassion, it is likely to help many women in ways that few other resources are able to do.

I am a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA).

I am an International Best Selling author of the book, Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life (March 2014), that I co-authored with other psychotherapists, relationship and love experts, life coaches, dating coaches and matchmakers.

I truly believe that psychotherapy works and is a powerful method for healing, growth, change and self-acceptance.

I value the courage it takes to seek out help and I am committed to developing strong, warm and encouraging therapeutic relationships with my clients.

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