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more Rock singer Linda Ronstadt and California Gov.

Linda Maria Ronstadt (born July 15, 1946) is an American popular music and country music singer.

Determined to make it big in life, he struggled hard to leave his troubled life behind and embarked on a new beginning which eventually led to his tremendous success as an R&B musician.

The singer was celebrated for her ability to adapt to a diverse range of styles, delivering albums that featured country, rock, jazz and Spanish-language classics.

more Linda Ronstadt had celebrated her 60th birthday three days earlier -- going to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" with her teenage son and having the girlfriends over later that night -- and flowers are still everywhere in the sunny upstairs Laurel Heights duplex where she has lived since moving back to San Francisco last fall.

Her eyes sparkle and she is happy, chatty, enthused about a scintillating new acoustic record, "Adieu False Heart," that she's made with Cajun music specialist Ann Savoy.

Linda Ronstadt rolled her fingers into a fist, forming a pinhole at the center. This makes it really sharp and bright." Ronstadt, who lives near the Legion in San Francisco's Richmond District, has been doing a lot of close looking recently, and not only at this Impressionism show she loves so much she's been back to see it seven times.

Following in her father's footsteps, she learned to play guitar, and performed with her brother and sister as a trio.

While a student at Catalina High School, Ronstadt met local folk musician Bob Kimmel.

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